THE REAL Annual Cost of Owning a Dog – From Food to Accessories

Having a dog is like marriage, you should be both emotionally and financially ready for that. You need to consider details before you have a pet at home. Otherwise, you may face various unexpected complications and expenses.

If you are a busy person, with little free time, be sure that your expenses will significantly rise, as you will have to provide additional measures to keep your pet happy and satisfied.

What is the beginning?

If you firmly decided to have a dog, a devoted friend by your side, the first step is choosing the right dog for you. It is always recommended to address a professional breeder over the desirable breed; no matter you wish a purebred dog or a mixed-breed. Otherwise, you may be cheated, and one day you may find out that your lovely pet suffers from different illnesses or he is not the breed at all you asked for.

The money you will have to invest in a purebred dog ranges between $500-2000. When it comes to mixed-breed dogs, adopting of such dogs from a reputable shelter or a rescue group will cost between $40-20.

The first step is taken and the following one is to look for a good veterinarian. The cost of the first visit is dependent on the health condition of the pet, as well as the need of preventing medicines and vaccines.

Consequently, the cost of the first visit to the vet is around $50-300. Each next visit will cost about $100-300. If you have a puppy, you will have to bring him to the vet about twice a month until he reaches 16-weeks of age.

When a puppy reaches the time when he/she needs to be neutered or spayed, you will have to pay about $150 to $700.

If you think that major expended ended here, you are mistaken, as they are still ahead.

You will necessarily need food, treats, toys, a cozy bed, grooming, training, routine visits with the pet, preventive medications, etc.


A high-quality food, rich in protein and fat, is the basement of the pet’s health. Together with the food, you will need healthy treats to make your pet happy and help him in the process of training. You will require about $20-60 monthly for the diet and treats which will amount to nearly $250-700 annually.


Dogs need their space to feel comfortable and have a good rest. Price of beds differs taking the quality of the materials and durability into account. The bed cost is around $50-200.

Collars and leashes

To have a walk is essential for each pet and collars or leashes are inseparable parts of the process. The expense for the accessories is between $20-50. The positive side of the story is that leashes and collars may last long, especially if they are of high-quality.


Dogs require mental and physical training and toys are necessary for this. Toys also play their role when a dog is left alone. $25-150 may be your annual pay for toys. The price of toys differs taking the needs of your dog into account. The cost of the toys which are made for very active dogs is higher as they are not easily breakable.

Routine care

Routine veterinary care includes a visit with a vet once or twice a year, which will cost about $200-300 annually. The cost will be boosted by about $100-300 due to the lab work. Dental cleaning once a year may take about $300-800. You should put aside about $700-1500 for an annual health check for your pet. Emergency service, supplements and preventive medications are not within the cost.


Some dogs, those with short and smooth hair can have grooming sessions at home. However, some long and curly-breed dogs require professional grooming which takes about $30-500 annually.

Supplements and preventive medications

Ticks, fleas, and worms are the three “key enemies” for the dog and pet should be ready to fight against them. A veterinarian sets a treatment method against the “rivals”. Your pet may also need particular minerals and vitamins to feel good. All in all, $100-500 annually should be directed to preventive medications and supplements.

When you are out

If you are busy, you may need a pet sitter, and the cost for the service is dependent on the frequency of your absence. At average the cost ranges between $100-300 annually and more, while boarding tends are less expensive.

Pet training

A significant number of dogs need to be trained for obedience, which costs at least $25-300 annually.


The emergency service starts from $500 to $1000 and may reach $5000. If a pet must stay at the medical facility, you will have to pay additional $200-500 for each extra day.


Many pet owners require crates to carry their dogs comfortable, and an average price of the items is $60. The cost of dog crates is dependent on its size and quality. An average value is $90.

Total monthly cost of owning a dog may reach $115-350, while the annual cost may range between $1400-4300.

Expenses are higher when a dog grows older, as well as in the case a pet suffers from a particular chronic illness.

If you wish to decrease your expenses consider pet insurance. However, you should read the offers carefully, especially when many insurance companies refrain from insuring old dogs and those with severe and chronic diseases.

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