3 Best Dewormers for Cats: Vets Chosen Dewormes in 2018

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Kittens are born with worms, and they need to be dewormed at the early stage of their lives. Deworming is vital as worms hinder healthy development and growth of cats. When you have a kitten, you should deworm her as soon as she reaches six weeks, in every two weeks until she is six-month-old.

When it comes to adopted kittens, you will need two more treatments with a two-week interval. Cats may be infected with several types of worms. The most common worms a cat might carry are tapeworms, heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

The worms cause health-related threats to not only cats but also humans and other pets at home. If a cat is infected, you will see worms in the cat’s stool. There are some other signs as well which hint on the existence of worms.

Most of the worms cause diarrhea and runny fecal matters. They can also trigger vomiting and decrease in weight. A cat’s pale gums are also the signal about worms.

To make sure you should collect the fecal matter of your kitten, as well as the remains of vomit in a small bag to help the vet specify which worm or worms annoy your pet. Worms are different, and the treatment also varies.

Consequently, it is essential to know the name of the worm your pet suffers from before you launch the treatment.

  • Deworming every two weeks works well to prevent worms. For instance, some roundworms will mature, and their eggs will spread if a pet is dewormed in every three and not two weeks. Kittens may get roundworms from their mother’s milk, as well as from infected feces.
  • Tapeworms are the most complicated to get rid of as they live in intestines and the cat’s immune system does not recognize them to combat. That is why pets are dewormed for tapeworms during their lifetime. Fleas spread tapeworms, and you need to control fleas to avoid tapeworms.
  • Unlike tapeworms roundworms and hookworms migrate into the body and the adult pet’s immune system recognizes them and fights with them. Hookworms may spread through the skin contact and by ingestion of the animal having the worms. Hookworms are dangerous for small intestines.
  • Heartworms are the most dangerous ones which may lead to heart failure. Cats may be infected with the worms after the mosquito bite.

Keeping cats indoors; avoiding their contact with other pets or animals; regular cleaning of the house and the yard and fighting with insects are the best options to prevent worms. You should also take your cat to a vet for regular medical checks.

It is not recommended to use any dewormer based on own conclusions, without proper testing and visiting a vet.

3 Best Dewormers for Cats

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

The medication is for effective and easy removal of tapeworms, those who live in a cat’s intestines and the pet’s immune system fails to fight with them naturally. You can crumble the tablets or mix them in a pet’s food. The tablets can be used for cats over six weeks. The product is available without the prescription. The pill works right away, without side effects or change in behavior in adult cats. The tablets dissolve in water. Dewormers are bitter mostly, but not this one. Cats do not refuse to taste it, especially when they are mixed in something they love.

Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-Wormer, 4-Ounce

The medication is effective and safe for using against roundworms, which are very common in kittens. As we have mentioned kittens mostly get the worms from their mother’s milk, as well as from infected feces. Adult cats can cope with the worms by themselves, while the little ones need our help. The product tastes good, and kittens and cats do not refuse to ingest it. If your cat refuses to taste it you can use a dropper to get him have the medication. The next day you may find the worms annihilated which had been bothering your lovely pet for some period of his life.

Prolabs Feline Tapeworm Tabs , 3-23mg Tabs

The product works against tapeworms and can be given directly in the mouth or crumbled to mix in the food. The tablets are sized for easy oral use for kittens and adult cats. Within 24 hours the worms may be gone entirely. If your kitten or an adult cat has been suffering from the tapeworms, he will get free from the discomfort in a short period. After taking the medication, when tapeworms are killed, cats feel fine; they put on weight and are more active than earlier. The product can kill both tapeworms and their eggs, as those who have already used the tablets say.

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