Best Flea Foggers – 3 People’s Choice Flea Foggers for 2018

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Fleas are the nightmare for many dog owners as it is hard to completely free from them. Mostly, fleas are tiny pests, causing significant problems, as your dog may quickly take them in the process of contacting with other dogs, in an infested environment, etc.

Fleas cause scratching, biting and gnawing in dogs and may lead to more complicated health issues as they can spread illnesses. Pets should be treated promptly to avoid the problems caused by fleas. Various prescription products are on the market you can use for your dog through the consultation with your veterinarian to prevent fleas. You should also keep your pet far from infested locations.

However, keeping away from such areas is tricky as you may not know which place is infested and which not.

If fleas already found a nest on your dog, you need to take measures, with the help of a vet, to help your dog free from the annoying creatures.

However, it is harder to find the tiny eggs of the fleas which are hid in dark areas of your house and sometimes are hundreds and more in quantity.

When a dog already suffers from fleas, you can put a high-quality and a safe flea prevention product on him and vacuum the whole house, including furniture, to annihilate flea eggs.

But if you face a flea outbreak in your accommodation, only vacuuming will not be enough.

In such situations, a flea fogger might be the best outcome.

What is a flea fogger?

Flea fogger has a shape of an aerosol canister, and it contains insecticide. The usage is simple-you can release the content in a room to kill fleas. Permethrin, Methoprene, Cypermethrin, Nylar, and Tetramethrin are the chemicals which are mostly used in foggers.

The flea fogger can be used only for a house or in other building in the situation when there is a flea outbreak.

You must not use a flea fogger on your pet.

Moreover, as the chemicals the product contains are potentially poisonous, when using it you should keep your family and pets out. It is better not to enter the house for some time after using the product.

It is impossible the flea fogger to kill all fleas at home as it is hard to reach all flea eggs at the very first attempt.

You will have to repeat the action and re-use the fogger once a week, two or three times.

As flea bombs, same as the flea foggers, are not for pets, you should use separate products for your pet to kill fleas on them. Otherwise, without the comprehensive approach, you will lose the fight with insects as they will spread again from your dog in the house.

Best Flea Foggers for 2018

Hot Shot 20177

The product is for heavy infestations. The formula which is used in the fogger can reach hidden areas where fleas, ants, crickets, roaches and other insects had felt safe. The formula leaves a minimal mess when used. The fogger uses a dry fog, and it is one of the main reasons it is described as one of the safest products on the market.

Unlike other flea bombs, you will not have to turn off pilot lights. The fogger comes with a few active ingredients like Cypermethrin, Tetramethrin, and Piperonyl butoxide. Using the product poses minimal threats of fire. About 45 minutes are sufficient the smell to leave the house. Despite the fact the product is listed as safe, you should act reasonably and use a hospital mask when decide to re-enter the house.

Raid 81590 3-Count Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

The fogger is not only for fleas. It can very effectively kill spiders, ants and other annoying insects you may have at home. The fogger leaves no stains and is capable of reaching the darkest and deepest crevices and cracks in the house where bugs might be hidden. Unlike other such products, the fogger causes no messy or wet residue. Cypermethrin is an active ingredient used in the product.

It is not wise to use the cans in small rooms, 5ft x 5ft and smaller. Refrain from placing more than one can in a room. The major drawback of the fogger is that it cannot kill eggs. You will have to re-use the bomb to attack flea eggs as soon as they are hatched, in about 14 days after the first use.

Fogger/Fumgtr.35oz 3pk

The fogger can get hard-to-reach areas in your house. Unlike many other products, it leaves clean, fresh smell without oily residue. After using the product in a building, you can be calm for months that no insects will live there. The product creates dry fog which is a key secret behind of its effectiveness, as it penetrates deeply.

If you have a house with plenty of openings where fleas and bugs may have a pleasant time, you will find the product very helpful, and you will not have to look for other measures to get rid of the insects. If you leave a patio open and bugs enter comfortably into the house, you can kill and avoid them with the help of the product. It works great for getting rid of most insects and spiders, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

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