9 Best Soft Dog Crates You Can Buy In 2017 | Reviews & Prices

Soft sided dog crate

If you are in love with traveling or for some reasons cannot leave your dog alone a soft-sided crate can be a relief for you. Soft-sided crates are made with flexible fabrics such as nylon. The cloth makes the crates lighter.

Best soft dog crate should be collapsible and portable, making for easy storage. They are very light in weight, meaning they will take less effort for you to move around. Most of these types of crates have high visibility and superior ventilation, making your puppy feel secure and having fresh air.

If your poppy is clumsy or needs time to recover from surgery, the soft-sided crate can be the best option, as there is a very low risk that dogs injure themselves, as this may happen in plastic or wire crates.

There is a big choice of soft-sided crates on the market, starting from size to color. Taking your dog’s size into account, you can buy a soft-sided crate for a small dog, for a large dog, XL soft dog crate or an extra-large soft-sided dog crate.

You need to crate and potty train your dog until you decide to buy the device, as if a dog is not crate-trained or is very aggressive or destructive, he might damage the crate and escape. It is also hard to clean the crate in the situations when a dog is not potty-trained.

Make sure you buy the soft-sided crate that is not too big or too small for a dog and that he will be able to move around inside comfortably.

All in all, soft-sided crates are great for travel, and they store easily. They work best for smaller dogs. They are quite tricky to clean and can be easy for curious puppies to escape from, or destructive puppies to chew through. However, manufacturers of the soft-sided crates have addressed several measures to remove the cons.

Apart from the soft-sided crates, there are plastic dog crates, wire dog crates, heavy-duty dog crates and fashion dog crates.

Wire dog crates are often portable and easy to clean. They are suitable for the curious dogs for those who are not “mastered” in escaping and need a little extra air flow. However, they are noisier compared to other crates and might not be very comfortable when traveling.

Plastic dog crates may be right for the dogs who like seclusion when sleep and privacy. They are not easy to escape. The plastic crates are not as well-ventilated and easy to clean as wire crates.

Heavy-duty dog crates are targeted for the smartest and most destructive dogs. Mostly they are more expensive than other types of crates.

Fashion dog crates look better than other crates. In most cases, such crates have the wood-based construction which can be damaged by destructive dogs. The risk of damage also exists if the fashion crate has a wood floor.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers says the crates are a short-term training tool and safety equipment throughout the dog’s life.

Reviews of Best Soft-Sided Dog Crates

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home

The crate frame is made of a tight, steel tube, hex mesh fabric and high quality durable 600D fabric for its cover. It is a well-ventilated, stylish, lightweight and durable crate. The crate enjoys three mesh doors on the top, front, and side for more convenience and sunlight. The crate has a handle, a hand carrying strap, and an adjustable padded shoulder strap. When folded the crate is 3″ height which makes its storage and transporting easy. It has two accessory pockets on the top and side, removable and washable bed and cover.

Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

The crate is lightweight, portable and great for transportation and short outings. The extra-strong steel frame circles tightly weaved mesh fabric panels. The item is for crate trained dogs up to 70 pounds and supervised. It sets up and folds down in seconds; no tools necessary. It measures 36 x 25 x 25 inches and is made in China. Price – $44,99.

NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

It is a durable, well-ventilated crate for indoor and outdoor use. The crate is made with new heavy-duty tight-weave mesh fabric and is designed for pets up to 90 pounds. Rounded comers protect home decor and auto interior. The crate size is 42 inch, price- $79.99.

2PET Foldable Dog Crate – Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate for Indoor & Outdoor Use – Comfy Dog Home & Dog Travel Crate – Strong Steel Frame, Washable Fabric Cover, Frontal Zipper

It is an all-in-one dog crate for indoor, outdoor, training and travel purposes. Unlike many other flimsy and makeshift dog crates, Fold-A-Crate uses a strong but lightweight steel tube which can be folded or unfolded in a jiffy. It also includes a top handle to convert it into a fully-functional pet carrier. The steel frame is covered with a water-resistant, soft Oxford 600D fabric cover (a nylon variant), which is removable and machine washable. The new and improved design includes the full frontal zipper that dogs cannot easily chew to bits. Thanks to the well-designed bone-shaped windows and mesh panels, this foldable dog crate maintains perfect natural ventilation. The manufacturers offer one-year warranty. Price-$41.89.

Petsfit Portable Pop Open Cat Cage,Dog Kennel,Cat Play Cube

Pop open private room for dogs and cats, only for those crate-trained. Dimension: 27″Lx18″Wx22″H. The crate rooms only small dogs like standard Poodle, Schnauzer. It is an ideal place for separating your pet. Perfect size for a pet in the crate is up to 25 pounds. The crate has three entries, well-ventilated mesh side windows, soft and washable mat. It is a kennel, not a carrier, has no handle or a strap. It is not right to use it as a secure crate. Price is $36.99.

Go Pet Club Soft Pet Crate – Green

Size is 24″L x 19″W x 20.5″H Color: Green Sheepskin mat and carrying case are present.
Size is 24″L x 19″W x 20.5″H Color: Green Sheepskin mat and carrying case is included
Size is 24″L x 19″W x 20.5″H Color: Green Sheepskin mat and carrying case are offered. Price: $31.49.

ASPCA Indoor/Outdoor Portable Soft Pet Crate

The crate is durable, with heavy-duty fabrics and well-ventilated. It is light in weight and easy to carry. Front and top entry doors provide easy access and security for pets. It is easy to storage as the crate folds. Rounded comers protect home and auto interior. Price is $49.99.

EXPAWLORER Collapsible Foldable Dog Crate, Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, Deluxe Pet Carrier

Size medium: 24 x 16.5 x 16.5 inches. You can set up and fold down the crate within a few seconds without any tools and take it everywhere. The crate has three mesh sides, air circulation and sunlight for your beloved pet that reduces stress or barking. The crate is made of the high-quality fabric, is durable, lightweight and machine washable, convenient to clean. The crate is designed for indoor and outdoor activity. Price – $45.99.

Petsfit Indoor/Outdoor Soft Portable and Foldable Travel Pet/Dog Home/Crate/Cage

The crate is for pets up to 23”, medium to large dogs. Two doors and top entrance roll up. Dimension: 36″Lx24″ Wx23″H. Patented metal frame locking system, set up in seconds without tools. Lightweight and sturdy, foldable pet crate. The crate works fine for an open bad but not as a secure crate. The crate offers proper ventilation, and clips to secure the zippers. Price is $59.99.

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