Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas? Kale? Grapes? Lettuce?

A bearded dragon is a medium-sized lizard, about 12-24 inches in length. Bearded dragons are different in color, depending on the environment they live in.

The Bearded dragons are omnivores; they can eat the variety of food. An appropriate diet for the lizard contains insects and vegetables, as well as non-citrus fruit. It is better young dragons to eat more insects than plants, as the content of the insects help them grow. Adult dragons should eat fewer insects to avoid overweight.

Bearded dragons and bananas

The tasty fruit is not poisonous to the pet, and he can eat it, but not frequently. Giving a little slice of banana to the bearded dragon occasionally is not something that may harm the lizard. However, feeding the pet with the fruit frequently, several times a week, may lead to a severe health problem. Banana is high in phosphorus, binding with calcium, and eating the fruit often may cause Metabolic Bone disease, a disorder of bone strength.

Bearded dragons and kale

Kale is a healthy vegetable for both humans and the bearded dragon. However, take into account that the veg should be washed carefully to remove pesticides, which could be poisonous for the beardie. You should also provide the vegetable occasionally; as together with calcium, which is beneficial for the pet’s health, it also contains oxalates, preventing the body absorb the calcium. Little kale here and there benefits the pet’s overall health.

Bearded dragons and grapes

Dragons can eat both leaves and the grapes, especially when the fruit is an excellent appetizer. Grapes are high in fiber and play a positive role for the pet’s health. However, the tasty fruit also contains much sugar and oxalates which are not healthy for bearded dragons. So, you can give the fruit to your pet several times a month, not frequently.

Bearded dragons and lettuce

Bearded dragons can eat lettuce as the vegetable creates no threats to their health. However, the point that the product carries no risks does not mean that you should give it to your pet. The fact is that the 90percent of the vegetable is water and it has no nutritional values for the dragons. Consequently, if you will not give the vegetable to your pet at all, he will lose nothing serious.

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