Can Bearded Dragons Eat blackberries? Cucumbers? Tomatoes? Cherries?

A bearded dragon is a medium-sized lizard, about 12-24 inches in length. Bearded dragons are different in color, depending on the environment they live in.

The Bearded dragons are omnivores; they can eat the variety of food. An appropriate diet for the lizard contains insects and vegetables, as well as non-citrus fruit. It is better young dragons to eat more insects than plants, as the content of the insects help them grow. Adult dragons should eat fewer insects to avoid overweight.

Bearded dragons and blackberries

Bearded dragons can eat blackberries as the lizard’s diet is rich and one has more opportunities regarding choosing the food for the dragon. However, blackberries in large quantities are harmful to the bearded dragon due to the citric acid it contains. Giving the fruit once or, as a maximum, twice a week in minimal quantities is enough. Wash the fruit to cleat it from any possible pesticides before you give it to your pet.

Bearded dragons and cucumber

You can offer a cucumber to your bearded dragon. The cucumber you chose for your dragon must be peeled and washed. You should know that the cucumber is not the vegetable which is of high value for the pet, as unlike many other vegetable cucumbers are not rich in vitamins. Water makes the most significant portion of the vegetable. You should cut cucumber into small pieces and remove any seeds from it to prevent your dragon from chocking.

Bearded dragons and tomatoes

Your dragon can eat tomatoes. It is a tasty treat for the lizard and is high in water. You should remember that the vegetable is also high in Vitamin A. In the case you provide your pet with the Vitamin A supplement, giving him tomatoes might cause the Vitamin A toxicity. Consequently, you should make sure there is no Vitamin A supplement before you provide the product to the dragon.

Bearded dragons and cherries

Bearded dragons can have cherries. The fruit is high in calcium and can be a good source of the vitamin for the pet. However, your bearded dragon should eat the fruit rarely, not often, as it may cause digestive problems.

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