Can Cats Eat Apples? Is It Good for Them? How to Serve Apples for a Cat?

Many pet owners love sharing their food with their pets, especially when the food tastes good. However, many of the human diets are unbeneficial for pets. Moreover, some of the food and fruit may make a fatal influence on pets.

Millions of people around the world are in love with apples, especially those who care about healthy lifestyle or want to lose weight. Apples are abundant in the Pectin fiber. Pectin is a viscous, fermentable and a soluble fiber, which can provide a wide range of human health benefits.

A medium-sized apple contains about four grams of fiber. The benefits provided by an apple in humans are as follows: It plays against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, curbs various types of cancer, decrease the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, prevents gallstones, beats constipation and diarrhea, prevents hemorrhoids, controls weight, prevents cataract, is useful for teeth, lowers cholesterol, etc.

The fact that the fruit comes with the long list of benefits for humans it does not necessarily mean it is useful for cats.

Can We Share an Apple With Our Cat?

Cats are carnivores, and there is nothing to worry if your cat dislikes or refuses to eat the fruit.

Your cat can eat an apple if she likes it, however:

  • Only the small amount of apples are recommended as the cat’s digestive system may fail to consume the fruit in large quantities.
  • You should give small pieces to the pet to avoid choking.
  • You must give the small pieces without the core and seeds to the cat as seeds contain cyanide which is very harmful to the pet’s health.
  • Despite the fact the amount of cyanide in the seeds is small, and it is not harmful to humans, the poisonous substance may affect the cat much, as compared to humans, cats are tiny, and the minimal amount of cyanide is enough for complications.

If you have any doubt that your cat ate seeds, contact your vet to receive instructions on how to act.

How to Serve Apples For a Cat?

  • You can put small pieces of an apple on the top of her daily diet.
  • You can also mash or purée a small amount of an apple for your cat.
  • You should wash an apple to make it clean from pesticides, which can also harm the pet.

Apple cannot replace the cat’s diet as it does not provide the core elements which are essential for pets.

If your cat likes an apple, you can replace the treats which are high in fat with the slices of the fruit.
Apple can strengthen the cat’s immune system, slow the pet’s aging, benefit her digestive system and provide almost the same positive influences on her health as it does for humans.

The fruit is particularly beneficial for the pets with diabetes as it helps to regulate sugar in the blood.

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