Can Cats Eat Olives – Is It Good or Dangerous for Them?

Cats and especially kittens love unusual objects, and in the case, they find some of such exciting things, they may try to taste or at least lick them. The same may happen if a cat sees an olive. There is a high possibility your lovely pet to decide to play with it or ingest the black or green “ball.”

Olives are not toxic to cats in small quantities; however, they are not necessary for them as well. Cats are carnivores, and they can receive the vitamin C and A, olive includes, from meat and other food they have in their daily diet.

The olive benefits for cats are more medical than nutritional in certain situations. Olive has anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant effect, can boost the cat’s mobility and reduce various pains.

When to “maximally avoid” olives?

Olives carry very low risks for cats when they are found in nature. Never forget that even in the situation a cat may eat it olive as a treat in small quantities.

If you bought olives in the market and want to share them with your cat, do not do that! Olives in the markets are mostly salty, and much salt is very dangerous for cats. Much salt can cause thirst and urination, leading to serious health complications in pets.
Even if you wash olives they might affect the cat anyway. The symptoms of salt poisoning include diarrhea, vomiting, excessive urination, extreme thirst, a loss of appetite, seizures, and tremor. If you leave the condition without attention, your cat may face kidney failure.

Why are cats “crazy about” specific olives?

It is confirmed that pimentos, green olives and catnip have a common chemical. The black olive does not contain the chemical.

Catnip is the same of Nepeta cataria, a relative of spearmint and oregano. It is a common plant in North America. Catnip can “drive cats crazy,” making them roll around and paw at invisible birds.

All in all

Olives are not toxic to cats but in small quantities. If you decide to give the product to your cat, give in small amounts and not often. Always move away seeds to avoid choking.

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