A Cat Lady – More Age Equals More Benefit from Cats for Females

Have you ever heard a term or an epithet – a Cat Lady? If no there is a big chance to think the terminology stands for a female with a divine or superpower like a Cat Woman who fights against the evil.

In some sense, a Cat Lady combats the bad, but the bad is more about feelings and emotions rather than humans.

The term a Cat Lady refers to women, mainly over 50, who live alone with cats.

Various international studies show that having cats by such a category of women is particularly beneficial.

The benefits are mainly for the mood, emotions, and health.

What reasons stand behind the benefits?

There are several reasons to explain why living with cats can positively influence the lonely women’s lives.

One of the causes is that the women in their fifties or more love a calm life, without much fuss and noise.

elder lady petting black cat

They prefer to spend their free time at home, seeking no entertainment outside.

Cats also love to have their times at home, lie on the ground, eat and only “ask for” care and love, of course after they eat something tasty.

Consequently, living with cats creates no problem for their elderly owners regarding the desired peace.

An Austrian study produced in 2003 reads that having a cat in the house is equal to have a romantic partner from an emotional point of view.
Studies also reveal that cats remember kindness and return the favor.

However, living together cats also means that the owners must care about their pets’ health, feeding, drinking, washing and such everyday obligations.

The duties “make” the elderly owners be active which increases their cardio workout on a daily basis.

Studies reveal that the death rate due to cardio-vascular diseases in the females over 50 having the cat is significantly lower compared to those living with other pats or having no domestic animals.

It is also proven through researches that cats help negative mood, depression, and anxiety.

The pet is a “big supporter” in overcoming the pain caused by losing a loved one.

In their interviews, the people who lost their lovely people and who had a cat stated that they communicated with their pets and spending time with them encouraged them to feel better, as cats were “great listeners” who only “attentively listened” without any questions, complaints or blaming.

In the process of petting a cat, your body releases a surge of prolactin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

woman petting cute cat

These are all feel-good hormones capable of lowering stress and cause positive feelings.

More time you spend with your pet, more you laugh and release the hormones making you happier.

 Less manipulative, smarter, who love nature

A survey conducted by the Bristol University shows that the females having cats were smarter and more intelligent.

The reason named for being cleverer was that unlike other animals, cats enabled their owners spent hours in studying without interruption.

International studies claim that cat owners are often introvert, but they are less manipulative and trust in people more than those having no pets or prefer other domestic animals.

woman and cat in nature.png

Through having a cat people also care about nature and consequently on their health.

A study aired in 2009 found out that the resources needed to feed a dog during his lifetime caused the same eco-footprint as that of a Land Cruiser.

The cats are better less harmful in this regard, only have the approximate carbon footprint of a small hatchback.

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