How to Stop Your Dogs Begging Food at the Table

Begging at the table for food is one of the most common and one of the most irritating problems a dog owner may face. A positive side of the story is that correcting your dog to give up the habit is quite easy if you stand firm on your position and follow certain rules.  Do not forget that prevention can always play a role in beforehand settling of any problem.

Why a dog bags at the table?

The reason is simple.  If your dog begs for food when you alone or with your family having a meal it means you or someone from your family deliberately or accidentally gave him food from the table or a plate in the past.

Family dinner and dog
Now your dog “knows well” that begging at the table is equal to receiving something tasty. If the giving fact took place even once, a dog is very likely to “demand food” from the table with his wet eyes staring at you.  The situations when you or some from your family feel sorry for the big, wet eyes encourages your dog repeatedly do the same.

It is deliberate behavior which gets your dog stuck to the bad habit. There are situations when someone, a little kid for instance, by chance drops meal from the table and a dog runs to eat it. The occasion also turns into a food begging problem in dogs.

Prevent food begging

Before you appear face to face to the unpleasant problem, you can easily avoid the food beginning in your dog.

  • Give his food to your canine and enable him to eat until you sit down to have your meal, as a fed dog is less motivated to beg for food at the table.
  • Address crate training while you eat.
  • Give the dog a “time out” – when dog asks for your food for the first time take him to another place, maybe to another room, where he will have no food and nothing to entertain with. Repeat this all the time he asks for food at the table.  After some time he will associate the “time- out” with something not beneficial to him and stops begging.
  • You can use the tether when you eat and in the course of eating give him toys or treats he can have from his bawl.
  • If you do not want to use the tether or a leash master him in the “Stay” and “Sit” commands. The commands will help you eat calmly. However, remember that your dog should know the time he can feel free. You can use the words “Free,” OK” and any you like to tell him you are over with your meal and he can act freely.  It is also important to reinforce the action through awarding your dog with something tasty as he sat and waited for you patiently until you finished the meal.

How to stop a dog’s begging for food?

If your dog already begs for food and the everyday habit irritates you, you can take several tips into account to modify the action in your pet.
Couple eats pizza near dog
In the situation, you and all in your family must be unanimous, as exceptions will never help to end the problem. The initial step is not to give food to a dog from the table when he asks for it, loudly or calmly, through staring at you. You should ignore the dog at all.

It is important your family members act in the same way, as there must be no exceptions. You should never feel sorry for your dog for this and never think that your action will make your dog dislike or hate you, this is very unlikely in dogs.

You must follow the rules permanently and patiently as the outcome you are waiting for may come a bit later. If you stand firm on your position your dog will have to concede.

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