How to Prevent or Stop Dog’s Jumping Up on People

Expressing a feeling through jumping up on owners and other people is quite typical for dogs. Addressing the action your dog tries to show love and care. However, the action may be annoying and even harmful to you, especially if you have a big dog, and can create an unpleasant situation if a dog jumps up on guests visiting you.

Reason for jumping up in dogs

Experts say that one of the main reasons why dogs jump up on people is their way of communication and their derivation from wolves. A puppy which greets an adult mostly licks his/her muzzle, which reflects a polite, deferential behavior.

Muzzle-licking in wolves is how little, cute puppies get their parents to regurgitate food from them. Of course, domestic pets do not feed their puppies in such a way, but muzzle-licking “custom” has survived. When jumping up on puppies try to lick flat, usually bald parts of the face we have instead of the muzzle.

It takes little time to teach a behavior, when changing the behavior when it is already in action, takes much time.

Consequently, if you initially master your dog in “Sit,” or “Down” commands and teach him a polite behavior, you will be safe from the jumping on problems. However, be cautious to those people you live with as if even once they encourage the jumping on habit, it will take much time and nerves from you to correct your pet. Following the same rules by all in the family is crucial in the process of correcting any behavior in dogs.

Sit command dog

Correct the dog’s action towards you first

If your dog is “already mastered” in jumping up on you and people around you, whom he is keen on, and if the behavior creates discomfort, it is time to take specific measures.

The first and the most important in relation with a pet is to establish yourself as a pack leader. Otherwise, your lovely dog will not respect you and “successfully ignore” your demands.

A dog is not a human, is not a kid, and the best way to communicate with him is to treat him like a dog, and in the way, he will understand.

A firm and unambiguous leadership makes your dog obey rules.

You must remember that you must not be a leader for some time, this must be forever and making exceptions may lead to unfavorable consequences for you, losing control on your pet. If you want your dog not to jump up on you, you should enter the house without vivid emotions, as expressing emotions triggers anxiety in your puppy and he is very likely to jump up on you and lick your face in response.

You can prevent jumping up on you if you train your dog in “Sit” and “Down” commands, as soon as you mention he is running to you, you can use the words to avoid the action. To stop your dog jumping up on you, you should remember the following: Keep your attention and your hands away from your pet unless her front feet are on the floor. As soon as his feet are on the floor, show attention and love to him.

Dogs jump up on you as they want you to pet them, show affection to them. If they “guess” that you are cold to them when they jump up on you and vice versa they will finally give up jumping up on you.

You can also use the tip to make your dog refuse jumping up on you: When your pet jumps up on you, leave him immediately, turn back and close a door, leaving just a crack. Through the crack tell him “Sit”. Get out from the room only when he sits and stroke him.  Repeat the action until he denies committing the action you dislike.

How to teach a dog not to jump up on others

When you are trying to deprive your pet of jumping on others, you will need a third person, and your dog should like the person. In the situation you will need a leash.

You have your dog on the leash and tell him to sit as soon as the third person enters the room. The dog is very likely to get up and move to the person he loves. The third person must stand firm when he mentions the dog moves. Then he must turn away and retreat.

That moment you must order your dog to sit. As soon as the dog sits, the third person comes back immediately. If the dog gets up again to move to him, the person repeats the same-stands, turns back and retreats.

After 2-3 attempts stop giving the “Sit” command, instead count one to five in your mind. Giving some moments dogs will “figure out” what is the case. For the next time choose different locations and people to reinforce the “not jump” action and also ask your guests not to show particular attention to the dog when they enter.

Situation is quite difficult to children, as kids love pets and it is more difficult to make small children to obey what you say. The best option to avoid dog’s jumping on kids is mastering your dog in a good behavior from the very beginning.
Dog jump on kid
Keeping a dog on the leash is also important as if a dog, especially a big dog, jumps up on a kid, this will inevitably cause some injury. You can ask kids not to fuss much when a dog is around as the kids’ mood may excite the dog.

Ask kids to be still and then turn away if a dog jumps up on them, just the same steps as we have already mentioned above regarding the third person involvement. You can also use dog toys and treats when entering the house to avoid jumping, but this seems to be a one-time action that will not remove a problem.

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