Let or Not a Dog Sleep in Bed with You? All Pros and Cons

Most recent surveys read that a large number of dog owners allow their pets sleep in the same bed with them.

American Pet Products Association report that nearly half of dogs sleep in their owners’ beds.

The survey claims that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium-sized dogs and 32% of large dogs share a beFd with owners.

Sleeping with a pet may have both positive and negative influence, taking a dog’s and your health condition into account, also a breed you have and his age.

Specialists recommend that sharing a bed with a dog should be delayed until the dog’s housebreaking is complete and he is socially mature.

Advantages of sharing a bed with a dog

  • One of the reasons dog owners name why they prefer sleeping with a pet, is that dogs are warmer than people.
  • Dogs have a body temperature higher than humans, making them “reliable” bed warmers. The higher body temperature especially works for cold seasons and areas. The term “three dog night” originates from the Canadian maritime provinces, where it was a common practice to take a dog (or dogs) to bed with you on a cold night to keep warm.
  • Researchers say that dogs help us relax as they have rhythmic breathing. Sleeping by you and breathing a dog can help you to sleep. The people suffering from insomnia frequently indicate on the advantage online.

Surveys also read that dog increases our flow of a hormone oxytocin, which causes happiness and affection.

  • Some people do not feel safe and secure when sleeping alone. Sharing a bed with a dog help them sleep calmly.
  • Vets say that sleeping with an owner make dogs happier, especially when they do not see the owner during a day.

“Dogs only sleep with those people or dogs they trust,” internationally known dog trainer Victoria Stilwell says.

Possible disadvantages of sleeping in one bed with a dog

You should take a dog’s breed into account when you decide to sleep with him from the first days of his life.

  • Some breeds are enormous, and as they grow, it seems impossible to share a bed with them.
  • If the dog is accustomed to sleeping with you after some time it may take time and nerves not to let him to your bed.
  • The Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center says in its survey that 53% of those pet owners they surveyed said their pets disturbed their sleep in some way nightly. Snoring, Kicking and cover-hogging were main reasons how they could create problems at night. Sleep deprivation, a cause is not essential, can lead to memory impairment, decreased alertness and other physical and mental health complications.
  • If you have asthma and allergies pets in a bed can aggravate the condition. Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America advises such people not to let dogs in their bedrooms at all or get a HERA air filter for the place they sleep at least and the entire house if it is possible. However, many people having the health problem refrain from sending their dogs out of their bedrooms, specialists say. They recommend allergy shots for the people to build up a tolerance to the pet dander which causes allergic reactions.
  • Dogs may come between you and your partner, especially when your partner does not like pets or does not what to share a bed with him.
  • If your dog has slept in your bed for years or some period, he may give you an evil eye or try to climb up into your bed when asleep if you decide to place him closer to the bed or send him out of the room. You will have to use commands and let him stay in the place during the night you want.For this a dog should already be trained.
  • Some experts say that sleeping in bed may complicate dominance or aggression issues in some dogs.
  • Sharing a bed with a dog may also mean “sharing” parasites and bacterial infections.
  • Experts recommend you to train and encourage a dog to jump up on your bed when you invite and not when he wishes.
  • It is not recommended to share a bed with a dog during the house-training as a big puppy may choose a corner of your room to go pee and poop, while a smaller one may decide that your blanket is not good enough and he can use it.

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