When Puppy Pulling on Leash – Step-by-step Advice

Pulling on the leash is one of the most common problems for the people who have pups. It is easier to prevent the problem rather than to correct it. Pulling on the leash is a natural thing for puppies. In most cases, they feel restrained and start pulling against it. Fear, anger, curiosity and an instinct to chase may also trigger pulling on the leash in pups.

It is essential to teach your puppy to walk on one side only. In most cases people choose the left side. However, it is you who decides which side you like for your pup. Encourage your puppy to walk on the side only, and he will not be tripping you up by changing directions.

In many cases pups “are rewarded” for pulling. It is quite frequent when somebody is walking with a pup, the puppy pulls, and that person “runs after” him, enables the pup to head to the direction he wishes. Such “obedience” from owners or those who walk the dog, reinforces the bad habit.

It is noteworthy that many dogs pull as they have no mind what is difference between pulling and not-pulling as no one has ever showed the difference.

As early you start leash training, as soon you have good outcomes with your pup. It is never late to start the practice, but try to do it when you have a little puppy.

For preventing or correcting the habit, it is essential not to reward the pup for the behavior. It means that your puppy never gets what he wishes and never reaches the place or an object he is striving to.

If a pup pulls on the leash he gets nowhere, if the leash is nice and loose he goes where he wishes. Each person who walks your dog, must follow and reinforce the same rules.

You should focus on showing your dog the behavior you want (lovely loose leash) rather than continually punishing undesirable behavior. Educate and then reinforce the proper leash walking – make it a more attractive option to your dog than pulling on the leash.

Step-by-step Advice Against Pulling on The Leash

Just imagine that you have a walk with your pup and he pulls on the leash. As soon as he does so, you must stop and immediately use a word you wish to say in the moment of pulling, for instance, “Ney.” The pup may be surprised, and he may even pull harder.

When he looks up at you or slackens off the leash, praise him, say “Good boy,” and give him a treat. Praise him all the time and give him a “gift” when you walk and he does not pull.

When you reinforce not-pulling your pup will take two messages – if he pulls he goes nowhere, and if the leash is loose, everything is fine.

All those who take the pup for a walk must do the same.

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