Why Do Dogs Chatter Their Teeth?

People chatter when they are cold. However, dogs may do the same in different situations and due to various reasons. As dogs cannot speak with us, we can just make assumptions why a dog may chatter.

Specialists believe that dogs chatter when:

1. They smell a female dog in heat. A male dog sniffs and licks the female dog and also chatters his teeth. When a dog is neutered, he may also chatter if he smells a female dog in heat.

2. Dogs are equipped with more than 300 million scent receptors when humans have only five million. Dogs chatter when they smell something interesting. Dogs often lick and sniff trees, telephone or other poles and such objects to receive information about other dogs, as the animals mark their territory through the use or urine. After sniffing or licking the “marked area” dog may chatter as he disliked the “left mail.”

3. They are cold. In the case, you should help the pet to keep warm.

4. They are happy and cannot control the happiness.

5. Some dogs have a White Dog Shaker Syndrome, which was first identified in small, white dogs. The cause of the syndrome is not known. A part of veterinarians believes that the reason of the syndrome is an immunological disorder, while others say that the disease is due to the swelling of the part of the brain which is responsible for movement and balance. Dogs with the syndrome suffer from chattering and tremors. Situation may worsen in the case of stress and excitement. Treatment of the syndrome does not guarantee a full recovery and the tremor and chattering may come back after some period.

6. When dogs are upset… Sometimes, they are stressed and frustrated or feel pain. You should take him to the vet to specify the reason for the condition.

7. Dogs face dental problems. The pets feel the same type of a toothache as humans. Decayed teeth, as well as periodontal disease, may cause chattering. Lethargy, reluctance to eat may tell you about the problem, as dogs cannot speak out their problems.

8. Multisystem Neuronal Degeneration causes chattering in dogs, especially the Jaw chattering. The disease manifests itself in about one-year-old dogs and is hereditary. Cocker Spaniels, Bichons and Maltese’s suffer from the illness mostly.

9. Epilepsy is another reason of chattering in dogs, as the illness causes spasm of facial muscles and eyelids. Dogs suffering from the disease require particular treatment and observation.

10. Focal Motor Seizures, when a dog feels tightness in jaws in the process of seizure, leads to chattering. The disorder does not cause severe seizures, and sometimes you may not mention it. You can only observe the chattering of the jaw.

11. When a dog is getting old, he may face chattering due to the habit of lip-smacking, tooth sucking and other similar behaviours. If the dog has no signs of pain, you can tolerate the “bad habit.”

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