Why Does My Dog Bark?

Barking, especially excessive or aggressive barking is quite a frequent reason for bringing dogs in shelters. Some dog owners shift all the blame for barking on dogs when they trigger aggressive behaviors in them.

Permanent ignorance of dogs, laziness and not taking a pet for a walk can make a dog bark. In some situations, much attention, care and making all wishes true can also spoil a dog and encourage him to bark to get what he wants.

Like in humans, keeping balance is essential. However, in case of a long-lasting, aggressive, hostile or distracting barking it seems mandatory to see the vet, as the barking may lead to causing harm to others or might be a hint on some medical issues.

Top Reasons for a Dog’s Barking

Dogs are coming from wolves, and it is in their blood to protect their territory. If they mention something or someone unfamiliar with them on their “controlled territory” they immediately ring the bells of alert.

An excessive or a strange noise, as well as fear, may cause barking in a dog. Such a situation may take place at home or outside in the crowd, in the circumstances when a dog familiarizes himself with “innovations.” Barking in crowded or unfamiliar territories is quite common in untrained dogs who have not been introduced to different locations and people.

Loneliness and boredom can be the top reasons why your dog barks. Spending hours alone, without entertainment, make both people and animals bored. Separation anxiety caused by the loneliness often push to excessive barking and destructive behaviors.

Dogs bark when they meet someone, especially the people they love. They may also wag their tails or jump up on an owner as a signal of much happiness. Barking in such situations is mostly tolerated as it is not a permanent, bothering or an irritating act.

Dogs may bark when they play or when they “greet other dogs.” It is not unusual when one dog barks and another makes accompaniment from a distance. Sometimes more the two dogs are involved in the “melodic conversation.”

Dogs bark when they seek attention and want you to do something for them. For instance, to have a walk with them, play with them, feed them and similar. Barking is a lever for them to attract your attention when you do some other work.

Dogs bark when they chase a car or some moving object. It is their instinct which makes them run hundreds of meters, even in the occasions when their devotion in the running is entirely useless.

Dogs bark because of medical reasons. Pain, injury- an external or internal- lower their mood and make them more aggressive in some cases. Sometimes they are not aggressive at all and just bark to announce their health problems to receive support or to “speak out” their weakness.

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