Wiry Coated Dog – Meaning and List

Dogs have different types of coat. One of such coats is a wire coat, same as the rough or broken coat, which is very thick. Such hair is longest on the face surrounding chin, cheeks, and eyes.

The dogs with the wiry hair were used to hunt small animals and rodents underground or in the bush and their rough coats protected their skin from damage. This type of hair is easy to maintain and rarely mats.

There is no need to shave a rough-coated dog when grooming. It makes wire-coated dogs ideal pets for people who suffer from allergies or for those who cringe at the thought of picking hair out of their couch all spring and summer.

Wire-hair breeds are in need of special grooming called stripping. Such a method allows you to remove old, dead hair and make the place for new, healthy hair. You can strip your dog’s coat with the use of your fingers or a stripping knife.

Grasp a few hairs with your fingers and pull straight up. Latex gloves or a slight dusting of ear powder can help you get a better grip. A slicker brush is also helpful to cope with the hair.

Rough, wire coats are very common among terriers. Specific breeds include:

  • Irish terriers;
  • Scottish terriers;
  • Affenpinschers ;
  • Otterhound;
  • West Highland Terrier;
  • Dandie Dinmont Terrier;
  • Brussels griffon.

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